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Sorry for the Buzz Kill... but you gotta take a look

March 10, 2018

Yay, it's weekend baby! That means heels on, make-up on flick to meet the bff's 🤳or catch a soccer match, Manchester vs Liverpool, with buddies at the local bar. Well I'm here to say, "be afraid, be very afraid". Because the drink you'll order tonight is full of calories.

Alcoholic drinks are saturated with carbohydrates/sugars (and I'm not talking about the good kind of carbs). 


Each cocktail topped with even more glitz and glamour adds to the calorie intake for the day. And too many extra calories WILL be converted into stored energy in your body as fat. Yikes 🤪

It comes to no surprise that heavy drinking and weight gain go hand in hand. 


So before you reach for that juicy-soaked-cherry-garnished-tall-glass of awesomeness, be mindful of the amount and quality of ALL  the calories you consumed in the day. 

Happy Weekend!!!! 




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